Mission, Vision, and Values

Flagstar’s Mission Statement

To enhance the banking experience and ideally improve the financial quality of life for our customers by offering a comprehensive spectrum of products and services delivered with a genuine commitment to understanding their specific needs and financial well-being; to create value for our investors and communities; and to employ exceptional talent that fully understands, appreciates, and confirms this commitment.

Flagstar’s Vision Statement

Flagstar is a national mortgage originator also operating as a traditional Midwest community bank. By delivering quality products and services to its residential mortgage borrowers, retail deposit customers, and small- and mid-sized commercial businesses, within an environment emphasizing both quality control and sound risk management, Flagstar strives to become the preeminent financial institution headquartered in its home state of Michigan.

  • People: qualified, experienced professionals dedicated to being the best to help our customers attain the best.
  • Portfolio: providing best-in-class products to commercial, retail, and mortgage customers.
  • Partners: a nurturing network of financial professionals who create and provide a culture of confidence to address customers’ financial requirements.
  • Profit: maximizing returns while building long-term value for our shareholders, being ever mindful of our responsibilities to all facets the financial well-being of our customers’ lives.
  • Productivity: together, as an organization, providing our products and services in an effective, timely and efficient manner.
  • Pride:  fostering a culture of regulatory compliance, prudent risk mitigation, and sound operational controls, of which we can all be proud.

Flagstar’s Corporate Values Statement

These are at the core of everything we do at Flagstar. Our values are shared, implemented, and embraced in every interaction we have with every customer—and each other.

  • Honest and Straightforward: always upright, always truthful. No putting off, no putting on, simply doing the right thing. If we make a mistake, we acknowledge it and fix it.
  • Hardworking: never wavering, never wandering, and always completing every task, request, or transaction on time.
  • Integrity: always doing the right thing; our standard of behavior.
  • Entrepreneurial: our spirit to excel and provide creative solutions for our customers.
  • Loyal and Trustworthy: looking out for each customer's financial well being as if it were our own, and using respect and reliability in the way we treat our customers and each other.
  • Community: be a responsible, active member of the community, true to our roots and making a difference by building and supporting our neighbors.
  • Responsiveness:  assisting our customers, and other employees, in a timely and respectful manner all the time.